samedi 23 mars 2019

OUATIH: au coeur du western

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's IMDb reveals Timothy Olyphant's character: James Stacy, an actor who co-starred on the western TV series 'Lancer' (1968—1970) as Johnny Madrid Lancer.
Lancer's pilot episode, which was directed by Sam Wanamaker (Nicholas Hammond) (yells "cut" in the trailer), introduces us to Murdoch Lancer as his ranch is threatened by the Pardee gang, aka "land pirates" (land pirates are in OUATIH). Desperate to defend his property, he seeks the help of his two estranged half-brother sons: drifting gunslinger Johnny Madrid Lancer, and dapper Bostonian/Union Army veteran Scott Lancer (Luke Perry) (looks to be him next to Olyphant). Despite interesting plotlines and noticeable guest stars, Lancer's timing (having arrived at the end of the western era) and similar arrangement to the more successful 'Bonanza,' resulted in lackluster ratings. In OUATIH, it appears to be one of the many shows Rick Dalton is guesting on... And speaking of Dalton, his character slightly resembles Day Pardee, leader of the land pirates.

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